DryLink is the market leader of the dry break range of couplings. It’s unique patented
design means that the flow is controlled by one single handle, which is attached only to
the coupler. The handle operates the adaptor valve as well as the coupler making it very
quick to secure and easy to use. More importantly, it is the only true non-spill coupling
available in the world.

“Independent, third party testing by Factory Mutual Research has verified that the 2”
(DN 50) size Dry Link hose coupling assembly had only 1 to 2 drops of total cumulative
leakage after a total of 10 connect/disconnect cycles. No other product comes close!”

Where can you use DryLink?

DryLink can be used in any application where a dry disconnection is required but is
most commonly used in industries where fluids are hazardous, toxic, corrosive or
flammable or if the liquid is of a considerably high value. Typical industries include
chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, printing, paints, soap, food and drink, hygienic, nuclear and microelectronics. Dry Link can be used on IBCs. Why use DryLink?

It is the most superior product available on the market today and this is due to the unique design:

  • It is a ‘true’ dry disconnect – no drips – no spills!
  • Servicing of the fittings is easy. All that is required is a pin pusher, a hammer and an allen key. Servicing can be done on-site and in situ, saving potentially thousands in downtime for repair and or maintenance. DryLink spares are also available direct from us
  • Diversity – the range is almost infinite, with many options for materials and an option for polishing, your Dry Link coupling really can be made bespoke to your application
  • Safety – when connected and the valves are open it cannot be disconnected and when disconnected the valves cannot be opened. In either scenario, hazardous or valuable fluids cannot be accidentally lost
  • Double butterfly valve, flow is not comprised – saves time and increases productivity
  • Easy and quick to operate – increases productivity and speeds up workflow

Materials Options

  • All wetted parts are Type 316 stainless steel
  • Dry Link can also be constructed with Alloy 20 (Carpenter 20)
  • Hastelloy C wetted parts for services where severe corrosives are a concern

DryLink Seals

All internal seals are spring-energized PTFE as standard

Further Seals Options

  • Moulded Viton (FKM)
  • EPDM
  • Chemraz/Kalrez (FFKM)

End Connections Options

  • FNPT
  • British Standard (BSPP)
  • Flanged
  • Butt-weld
  • Triclover

DryLink Unit Sizes

Couplings are offered in sizes 1”, 1.5”, 2”, 3” and 4” (DN 25, 40, 50, 75, and 100).
We also offer custom ½” and ¾” sizes.

Pressure & Temperature

Coupling ratings vary with size and seal materials. There are so many options; it’s best to contact us with your requirements so we can guide you through what is available.

What are Keyed Couplings?

Dry Link “keyed” couplings are used in batch process plants and manifolds for preventing accidental cross-contamination of chemicals.

Dry Link is a premium product for special applications.