Heavy wall extruded Convoluted hose with SS 304 Braid and EPDM cover used extensively through the process industry due to the self cleaning nature of the design of the hose through to the unique way the hose can be Lined through the fittings to make a completely bug free environment for applications where cleanliness is paramount. This also protects the fittings against corrosion in applications transferring aggressive media.





Used globally in applications that require the up most cleanliness and with its heavier wall it is more suited to the arduous applications found in the process plant industry. The EPDM Rubber cover makes the hose much more rugged and the hose can be put in even harsher external environments


Medium wall convoluted PTFE tube with SS 304 Braid and a Vulcanised EPDM Rubber cover

Inner layer

Helically convoluted medium wall PTFE tube

Outer layer

SS 304 Braid and EPDM Vulcanised Rubber (Vacuum wire can also be added)

Temperature Min


Temperature Max



PTFE according to “ISO12086, Part1. PTFE-E.P.D.M 1.61.C.E.4_12”

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