Citerdial Food and Drink Hose

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Citerdial Food and Drink Hose

Our Citerdial food and drink hose is an extremely flexible hose that provides exceptional ease of handling to the food, brewery, dairy and beverage industries. This hose can transfer liquids such as fruit juice, wine, cider, beer, vinegar, alcohol up to 96% and drinking water.


The Citerdial hose is constructed to protect food materials from corrosive substances and with FDA approved smooth seamless white NR liner, allows the inner layer to be resistant against ordinary detergents. The outer construction of the hose is protected with a NR blue cover, allowing the hose to be resistant to aggressive working conditions such as abrasion and environmental assaults.


The Citerdial hose can be supplied in continuous lengths up to 40m.


Lantech Solutions offer an extensive range of hygienic hoses. Where the highest quality is a necessity, these hoses are ‘tailor made’ to suit your requirements. We only supply high-quality dairy hoses, food and drink hoses, and food quality hoses to ensure hygiene and safety.

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