Quick disconnect couplings make it easy to assemble, disassemble and rearrange the hoses in your operation. At Lantech Solutions we offer a broad spectrum of quick disconnect couplings from Parker Snap-tite, these quick release couplings are available in valved and non-valved versions.

Parker Snap-tite hydraulic couplings offer an incomparable long lasting performance and are designed with the ability to perform under the most demanding of conditions. We carry a variety of styles and sizes of hydraulic quick disconnect couplings, including poppet style, drybreak and thread to connect varieties.

Our quick disconnect couplings include the H series, EA & E Series, 61 Series, which is an ISO A interchange coupling, the 72 Series, which is the ISO B interchangeable coupling and the 71 Series that is part of our drybreak range.

H Series

General-purpose quick coupler for hydraulics, pneumatics, gases, and chemicals

The Parker Snap-tite H series is a robust quick disconnect coupling best suit to hydraulic, pneumatic, gases and chemicals applications. The H Series is fully designed in accordance to MIL-C-51234. Coupling and uncoupling takes just a few seconds by pulling the neck back on the coupling.


      • Most popular style
      • Available in sizes ¼” thru 4″
      • Working pressure to 11,000 PSI (759bar)
      • Available in Plated Steel, Brass, Aluminum, or 316 stainless steel
      • Double or single shut-off or straight-through configuration


Applications: General purpose | plastic molding | machine tool | test equipment | agricultural | Department of Transportation |mobile hydraulics.

EA & E Series

General purpose, vacuum, and steam poppet coupling/quick coupler

The Parker Snap-tite EA & E Series quick disconnect coupling is precisely engineered medium pressure and vacuum service, providing a reliable means for speeding fluid line changeover in autoclave applications ranging from aircraft fabrication to plastic molding.


      • Excellent high temperature
      • Handles vacuums down to 29.72″ hg
      • Available Sizes:
        • EA Series ¼” thru ¾”
        • E Series 1″ thru 4″
      • Working pressures to 3000PSI (207Bar)
      • Available in Steel, Aluminum, Brass and 316 stainless steel
      • Double or single shut-off or straight-through configuration.

Applications: Vacuum pumps | autoclaves | steam applications | hydraulic return lines | and gravity flows.

61 Series

ISO 7241-1 Series A (ISO-A) interchange coupling

The Parker Snap-tite 61 Series conforms to the dimensional and performance requirements of ISO 7241-1 Series A. This design enables the coupling to be interchangeable with other manufacturers that produce couplings and who meet the same standards.


      • Coupling conforms to ISO 7241-1 Series A and ISO 5675 specifications
      • Available in sizes ¼” thru 1″
      • Working pressures to 5000 PSI (345 bar)
      • Plated Steel construction
      • Superior pressure and flow to competition
      • Double shut-off configuration
      • ISO Series A interchange

Applications: General purpose | plastic molding | machine tool | test equipment | agriculture | Department of Transportation |mobile hydraulics.

72 series

ISO 7241-1 series B (ISO-B) interchange coupling

The Parker Snap-tite 72 Series is designed to meet or exceed ISO 7241-1 Series B. This ISO specification stipulates the test specification of the couplings and the dimensions of the nipple so the couplings will interchange with those of other manufacturers meeting this same specification. Snap-tite’s 72 Series features superior pressure and flow characteristics over the other manufacturers making the 72 Series the premier ISO Industrial Interchange.


      • Coupling conforms to ISO 7241-1 series B specifications
      • Available in sizes 1/8″ thru 1″
      • Working pressure to 7500 PSI (517bar)
      • Available in Steel, Brass, 303 or 316 stainless steel construction
      • Exceeds pressure and flow capabilities of competition
      • Double-shut off configuration

Applications: General purpose, plastic molding, machine tool, test equipment, Department of Transportation, mobile hydraulics


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